October 25, 2017: Valentin Erikson Testified Before Parliamentary Committee on National Finance

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Standing Senate Committee on National Finance has invited Valentin Erikson to testify on the proposed changes to the Income Tax Act on October 25, 2017.

Parliamentary committee will look to Canadians as they embark on an in-depth Study on the Minister of Finance’s proposed changes to the Income Tax Act respecting the taxation of private corporations and the tax planning strategies involved.

Valentin Erikson is a real estate and tax lawyer in Ottawa. Erikson Law Firm Professional Corporation is an incorporated entity. As an incorporated professional, Mr. Erikson understands like nobody else how the federal government’s unveiled proposals would affect taxation of private businesses.

In his testimony, Valentin expressed concern on behalf of many of his colleagues and demonstrated how these proposed changes will unfairly affect business owners and professionals, including lawyers and law firms.